Cognit was one of the first modern AI startups with a focus on the development and application of data-efficient, self-learning intelligent control systems. It was founded in 2010 by Simone and Martin Riedmiller to push modern machine learning methods into advanced industrial applications, like sensor-based robotic manipulation, pneumatic devices, and advanced automotive control. Roland Hafner was the first full-time member and CEO of Cognit, leading a couple of successful early industrial AI projects based on advanced Reinforcement Learning methods.

Cognit's mission: Exploring the implementation of AI methods with a practical assessment for future industry applications in two ways:

  1. Development of a universally applicable Software Toolbox using the Neuro Control Engine (NCE). Self-learning, intelligent regulation of technical processes from simple pneumatic cylinders to complex learning robot system.

  2. As a partner for discourse and development, Cognit provides qualified and quantifiable answers to questions such as: What is currently possible by means of AI? How can it be implemented?

Visit of German federal politicians at Cognit in August 2013: Secretary of Research and Education, Prof. Dr. Johanna Wanka, and Volker Kauder at the Cognit office in Balgheim. CEO Roland Hafner (left) and founders Simone and Martin Riedmiller (right) explain a self-learning bionic robot.